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Contest Winner Announced

February 24, 2014 Leave a comment


Photo courtesy of Liam

The photo above is my four year old cousin Liam right before he drew out the name of the winner of the $30 gift card. Congratulations to Jon Cagle who learned about the contest through the Facebook group “30 days of Hustle”, sponsored by author and blogger Jon Acuff (

The contest to name my website was awesome! There is nothing better than to hand an idea over to great creative people to see what they can come up with. Thirty seven different website names were submitted. It was a tremendous success. I thank everyone who submitted an idea and even the ones that just thought about it.

I ended up choosing a name I came up with before the contest. I will reveal the name of my site in the coming months.

We each have dreams. We have things we know within our heart that we were designed to do. When we were kids, we believed in those dreams. Then “experts” told us to wise up and face reality. Well, I disagree. You know who I think has it right? Liam. That’s right. Look at the picture again of Liam right before he drew out the winning name. He believes he can do anything? And you know what, I believe he can too.

Let’s be more like Liam.


Help me and you could win an iTunes or Amazon Gift Card

February 17, 2014 19 comments




How creative are you??


You could win a Gift Card by using your creativity.

In the coming months I will be switching my WordPress site to a stand-alone website, but I’m having trouble coming up with the exact domain name I want. I need something incorporating my name, Chris, but domain names like “” and “” are already taken. I want to keep it simple with something like “” or “”. However, both of these domains are already taken.


Here’s where you can help and possibly win a gift card to either iTunes or Amazon (your choice if you win).


My website will cover topics of inspiration with some humor and maybe a touch of tech and sports. Help me find a name for my site and you could win the gift card valued at $30.


Here are the steps to enter:

1) Come up with a website name that incorporates either “Chris” or “ChrisLawson” that has a .com extension. (I need a .com website)

2) Check to make sure it isn’t already registered by searching for the name you created at

3) Post the website name in the comments section of this post.


When leaving your idea in the comments, make sure to leave your email address in the proper field so I can contact you if you win.

If I choose your idea, you win the $30 gift card. If I don’t go with any of the suggestions, a winner will be randomly chosen. You have nothing to lose and may help me name my site and win $30.


Let’s see how creative you are! Leave your idea by entering in in the “Leave a Reply” section below.


(This contest will be open for 7 days and then your chance to win will be gone)


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