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Words. We say them every day. We read them in every book. We hear them when we speak to one another.

When we pick up a dictionary, it is full of them. We use them for good. We use them for bad. We use them to teach. We use them to scold. We use words every day. It is how we communicate to each other.

Jesus used them to talk to the disciples. He used them to teach the people. He told stories that people could remember with lessons they would never forget. Jesus used words to explain the gift of salvation in such simple terms, that children understood every word.

When Jesus left this earth, he left the gift of words with the disciples. They used words to teach other disciples and to teach new followers. They often spoke words and they often wrote words. They used words to spread Jesus’ message to others.

Thousands of years later, here we are. We use words when we text each other. We use words when we send emails. We use words when we pick up the phone and make a call. We use words every day of our life.

I’ve had the privedge to understand that my calling is to use words like the disciples did, like His followers did, like Jesus did. I count it an honor and a duty. I know I’m unworthy and there are others that can do it better than I. But His words let me know it’s what I must do.

What words have been spoken to you that have echoed through the valleys of time? What words ring in your ears calling you to a purpose greater than your own? Open your ears and open your eyes. Let the words be written on the walls of your heart. Hear His words and you’ll find your purpose.

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