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A normal night?

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Stars twinkled in the twilight sky as the wind softly blew back the shepherd’s hair. The night was calm and so were the sheep. They grazed and softly chewed on the green grass. This was the good grass. Each of the shepherds sat there looking upon their flock with heavy eyes as sleep beckoned to take them for a while. It was another night just like all the others, or so they thought.

Suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, came a bright light. It scared the flock as they jumped back and scattered. The shepherds fell back and out of their half sleep supposing that possibly this was a dream, but it wasn’t.

The bright light was everywhere around them. It seemed that darkness had disappeared and daylight had suddenly appeared. From within the bright light a figure appeared. The figure was the form of a strong man; a man of war. Terrible and strong he looked and authority was clothed upon him. A deep voice came from the figure and the shepherds shook with fear.

It was an angel from God and he began to speak. He told the shepherds to not be afraid that he had come to share good news. A baby would be born in the city of David, Bethlehem. And that baby is the Christ. As a sign, the baby would be wrapped in tightly wrapped cloth and would be laying in the feeding trough of a barn.

Instantly, there was an army of angels with the one and they were singing the most beautiful songs the shepherd’s had ever heard. The songs praised and magnified God.

Then as quick as everything appeared, it disappeared. Light went back to darkness. The wind softly blew and the sheep continued grazing. The shepherds rubbed their eyes as they adjusted back to the night sky.

One of the shepherds turned to the others and said “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this happen which the Lord has made known to us.”

They hurried and made provisions for their sheep and headed toward the city of Bethlehem.

As they walked up toward the barn, they saw a lady and a man near a feeding trough. Inside the feeding trough was a new born baby, wrapped in tight cloth.

The Shepherds knew in their heart that this was it. They looked upon the child in awe. This wasn’t a normal baby. This wasn’t just another night. They were looking at the messiah.

This Christmas, let something happen that maybe has never happened to you before. Listen to the voices of the angels as they proclaim the King. Listen to the pulling in your heart as you are drawn to Him. If you listen and heed the promise of heaven, you may find yourself at the exact same place the shepherds did.

At the feet of Jesus.



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Burning and tingling sensations feel our inner heart. Our ears hear the winds of the spirit as it encompasses around us. Where we once felt loneliness and despair, we feel peace. Where confusion once enveloped our every thought, we have understanding. So is it when the fire of God envelopes us and burns within our soul. So it is with His spirit.


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Words. We say them every day. We read them in every book. We hear them when we speak to one another.

When we pick up a dictionary, it is full of them. We use them for good. We use them for bad. We use them to teach. We use them to scold. We use words every day. It is how we communicate to each other.

Jesus used them to talk to the disciples. He used them to teach the people. He told stories that people could remember with lessons they would never forget. Jesus used words to explain the gift of salvation in such simple terms, that children understood every word.

When Jesus left this earth, he left the gift of words with the disciples. They used words to teach other disciples and to teach new followers. They often spoke words and they often wrote words. They used words to spread Jesus’ message to others.

Thousands of years later, here we are. We use words when we text each other. We use words when we send emails. We use words when we pick up the phone and make a call. We use words every day of our life.

I’ve had the privedge to understand that my calling is to use words like the disciples did, like His followers did, like Jesus did. I count it an honor and a duty. I know I’m unworthy and there are others that can do it better than I. But His words let me know it’s what I must do.

What words have been spoken to you that have echoed through the valleys of time? What words ring in your ears calling you to a purpose greater than your own? Open your ears and open your eyes. Let the words be written on the walls of your heart. Hear His words and you’ll find your purpose.

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