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Bird in a Cage

Blackbird singing... on the roof

It’s one of the saddest things you could ever imagine. Sitting in a cage, bouncing from sitting point to sitting point, the little bird looks for a way out. Time is passed by cleaning his wings, eating some bird food, or whistling a tune. But in his heart, he longs to soar. He longs to fly above the trees and look at the earth beneath. He was made to do that. He was made to fly from tree to tree. He was made to watch the sun come up and sing as the light peaks through the leaves. He was made to soar, but he sits in a cage and sleeps.

What is your cage? What is holding you back from soaring? You were designed with a purpose. You were given a talent that the world is waiting to see. Sometimes we overcommit ourselves to others around us and their expectations. Sometimes, we need to step back and realize that we have to first do what we need to do. Does than mean saying no? Sometimes it does. We need to say yes to the burning in our heart. Why should we do this? Because we are sitting on a perch and sleeping when we should be soaring.

Are you going to sit there on your perch or are you going to spread your wings and fly out of your cage?

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