Shut Up


Those are the words that keeping going over in my mind when I start to say or do something. Sometimes it’s very legitimate and I should listen. That is often the case. But sometimes it’s just fear trying to keep me silent. We have to be able to discern when we should keep our mouth shut, and stay out of a situation, and when we should speak up. Here are some things that help me.

(1) Pray about it. If I’m supposed to be involved in the conversation, I should feel the same way I did before I prayed.

(2) Ask yourself “Will I be helping or hurting the situation”. If I’m helping, then maybe I should speak up. If I’m just adding fuel to the fire & further confusion to a situation, maybe I should shut up.

(3) Pray about it again. I’m the one that sometimes opens my mouth and then realizes “I probably should have prayed about that before I spoke”.

Sometimes it’s better to stay clear of situations. I had a situation happen yesterday that made me mad. I felt that maybe I needed to speak up. After a while it became clear that the answer was to just stay out of it and shut up.

Sometimes there is a need to speak up. Sometimes the need is to stay silent. The challenge is to figure out which.

How do you decide?

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