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He left the 99


The grass tasted wonderful. Not because it was better than any of the other grass the sheep had eaten but because it was on the other side. The sheep was now free. He didn’t have to worry about being confined to the one area that he was always in. He could now go where he wanted and do what he wanted. No strings. No leashes. No chains. He was free to go where he wanted.

As the sheep continued to eat grass, he wondered into a rocky area. The grass seemed to be untouched in this area. He weaved through rocks and weeds. He found a green patch that was perfectly away from everything. This was the greenest grass he had ever seen. There were rocks on all but three sides. The area got just enough sunlight to nourish the grass and enough shade to keep it from getting too dry.

The sheep began to eat and then eat more. The grass tasted good, but how good is one blade of grass to another? But to the sheep, this grass was different. He was so busy eating that he didn’t notice what was standing nearby. The three rocks provided protection on three sides, but the fourth side was open and this is where the sheep had his back. The wolf creeped up and crouched when it looked like the sheep would turn and spot him. The sheep’s ear twitched when he heard the wolf behind him. He turned around and saw the squinted eyes and protrouding teeth as the wolf looked to make a meal. The sheep squeeled and backed into the rocks. The wolf creeped forward. The sheep tried to back up more, but there was no room. The wolf creeped even closer. He looked the sheep up and down as saliva filled his mouth. He thought of which area would taste the best as he plotted the kill. He prepared to pounce as he lined up the fatal shot. As he began to spring forward the edge of a staff appeared and struck him in the side. The wolf fell down in anguish but turned to finish off the sheep. Kneeling between the wolf and the sheep was a young shepherd. His staff was in front of him and the sheep behind him. The wolf growled and looked to attack again. The shepherd held his staff strong and struck at the wolf again; this time hitting him in the nose. The wolf, with eyes watering, backed up. He surveyed the situation but knew that another attack would be useless. He turned and retreated.

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