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What we can learn about life from StormChasers

You’ve seen the videos. Guys and girls holding video cameras as tornado’s spin nearby. They start and stop their car trying to see how close it is to them. They place highly scientific instruments in the path of the tornado to get much needed information. It’s amazing to watch them at work.

I first saw this in the movie Twister. To be honest, I didn’t think there were really people like this in the world. I actually thought that Hollywood had taken things to the extreme like they often do. This all changed when I first saw the show “StormChasers” on the Discovery Channel. I instantly got hooked. I watched in amazement as men and women pushed to find the tornados and then worked to place instruments in it’s path minutes before it crossed where they had been. It was exciting for a number of reasons.

(1) It was exciting because there was action and danger.

(2) It was exciting because I could see tornados up close and personal.

(3) It was exciting to see people pursuing their real passion.

Number three is what intrigues me the most. As I watched these men and women doing their job and chasing the storms, I found myself getting excited with them. They had so much passion for what they did that it sucked me into their world. The smile on their faces and gleam in their eye was unmistakable.

This week three of those men died. Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young were ones I enjoyed watching on StormChasers. Tim had these cool pods he invented that took video and captured weather data. They would place these pods in the path of a tornado. How did they do that? Lets just say there were some cool videos of them getting the pod out of the back of a truck with a tornado in the background. They have already gathered tons of scientific data that has and will save lives.

What if we could find our passion like these guys have? What is it that puts a smile on our face and a gleam in our eye? What is it that you find yourself thinking about that you would like to have a career doing? Is it impossible? I think so. I know so. We all have bills to pay since the world revolves around money. But if our passion can’t be our full-time job, at least it can be our part-time job for now. It may not bring in a lot, or any, money at first but we’ll be living instead of being bored to death. Imagine your life if you were actually happy and felt you were making a contribution to the world. That’s what these guys felt like. They may not have said it, but you could see it in their face. They were doing what they love.

I’ve taken a challenge personally and now I’m going to pass that challenge on to you. In honor of Tim, Paul and Carl, I’m challenging myself to push harder toward my dreams and passions. I have just one life and I want to make a difference. I know you can make a difference too. I challenge you to start trying. Find your passion and pursue it with everything you have.

To see their passion for yourself, watch this video of Tim Samaras at work. His passion is unmistakable. Let his passion fuel yours.

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