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It Is What It Is


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I’ve never seen an apple tree with oranges hanging from its limbs. I’ve never seen a cherry tree with strawberries waiting to be picked. It’s funny how that works isn’t it? Why is it that we try to be something we’re not?

You see it almost every day. Someone in a crowd of people trying to say the right things or make the right actions so that others will be impressed. We pay thousands on top of thousands of dollars to buy cars, homes, boats, and other things so that people will like us. We want to be noticed. We want to be loved.

Isn’t it time that we hit the pause button and think about this? What good are we doing by “acting” to fulfill a part that we’d like to play? Why do we envision what a perfect person is and then try to be that person? Why do we take the life of another and stick it on the Xerox? Why don’t we just be who we are?

When I say this I say it with context. I do believe we should inhale inspiration we receive throughout our life. We will run into people that become our mentors. They have qualities that seem to stand out that we adore and we want to have those qualities. Those qualities are already within us but when we see them in others, or others acting upon those qualities, it awakens what is in us and inspires it to come out.

Often times our mind is cluttered with too much information. We have TV, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Newspapers, gossip from co-workers and family, the neighbors dog tells us something, etc. We have too much input coming into our mind. In the movie Short Circuit from years ago, Johnny Five exclaimed “Need Input!!”. We don’t. We need a mental break. We don’t know what we’re here for or what our dreams and passions are because we don’t think for ourselves. We have too many other thoughts in our mind. The cup is full and can’t handle anymore. We need to do a detox. Turn the computer off. Turn the TV off. Put the newspaper down. Stop participating in gossip. Slow down. Our mind and soul are not going to talk to us if we’re cluttered with everything else.

When you finally stop, and are able to think and feel, something will start happening. Passions that are deep within your soul will start to surface. Talents that are buried in the mess will start to dig out. The reasons you were created will start to appear. Originality will start to take its foothold.

You were created for a reason. You were given a talent to use to help others. You have a purpose. But before you can sense that purpose you’ll have to clear out some of the clutter.

What are you going to do to clear out the clutter in your mind?

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