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Inspiration from Moore, Oklahoma


Photo via http://www.lovemelovemypets.org

The howling sound must have been deafening from inside the cramped storm shelter. It must have been scary with the wind plummeting their car. I can’t imagine holding on to a bathtub and praying the plumbing doesn’t give way. I can’t imagine sitting with my classmates in the hallway of a school and listening as the building around me begins to fly away.

These are not made up stories, these things actually happened. The tornados that have went through Oklahoma have been devastating. The lives lost have been horrendous. People have lost loved ones, pets, and their homes. It seems like nothing but bad news all the way around. However, if you take the magnifying glass of the mind and look closely, you will find miracles in the midst of the rubble.

We all love our pets and can’t imagine something like this happening and how it would affect us. There are some good stories of reuniting and efforts to reunite. Sometimes miracles happen right before our eyes.

Here are a few:

While giving an interview on TV, Barbara Garcia talks about how she lost everything. She looks for hope out of it all and is thankful, but she hasn’t been able to find her dog. You can tell this troubles her deeply. As she stands on the pieces of wood that used to be her home and talks about what she’s been through, the reporter simply says “dog”. In a crevice of the rubble, about three feet away, a dog’s head is seen. The woman quickly recognizes the dog. It’s her dog that she’s not been able to find. She tries to get the dog out and asks for the help of people nearby. Soon the dog is out and, unbelievably, has no major injuries and is walking around like nothing ever happened. The timing is amazing.

See it for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1ACfiKs_Fk&feature=youtube_gdata

Many people have seen that video. Here’s another similar miracle you may have not seen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kXgOIgoI2s&feature=youtube_gdata

For all the pets that did survive, there are heroes on the ground helping to reunite those pets with their owners. Here’s their story – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6nE6M_oBeY&feature=youtube_gdata

To the Storm Chasers that lost their lives this week, I’d like to say “Thank you for the work you have done. Your research will save the lives of many”.

I hope and pray that each of us can find our passion like these men did. They woke up everyday excited about what was in front of them. They looked forward to their passion that they didn’t call work. They lived a more fullfilling life than most of us have. Let’s let them inspire us to follow our dreams and passions and change the world just like they did.

What miracles have you found?

Are you going to chase your dream?

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