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Sparks lead to Fire

Pretty catchy title, huh? At least I got you to click on the link and read. You already know that sparks lead to fire. If you’ve seen the mascot for national parks, Smokey the Bear, you know that the smallest of sparks can turn into big forest fires. That’s not exactly what I’m referring to here. I’m referring to something a little different.

We each have a talent we’ve been given. It’s not bragging to admit that you’re actually kind of good at something. It’s not saying your better than anyone else by no means, it’s simply stating that you’ve been given a purpose and the tools to accomplish that purpose. I had trouble reading when I was in the second grade. So much so that I had to go to summer school to keep from being held back. It helped me in the coming years to get through school and my reading assignments. I discovered that I liked books and started reading some. Now when I say some, I mean some. I’m not an avid reader that reads twenty books a year. It’s more like three or four, maybe. I’ve also discovered that I love to write. There were these small moments that sparked an interest in writing. One of those moments was a song and the other was a movie. I took those sparks and built it into what is now a first draft for a book I will get published. I’m working on fine tuning it and will then find a literary agent to help me get it published.

Why did I tell you this, to brag?? Absolutely not. In fact, It’s been VERY hard for me to get to a point where I felt I could even talk about this. But now I know why I must. I’ve discovered that each of us have a talent given to us by God. We were put here for a reason. We must discover our talent and then use it. However, we often go through dry periods where we feel drained and that are talents are not in fact talents at all. That is when we need a spark. For me it was recently watching a movie that was based on a book. I’ve read the book, but to see the characters in action on screen sent all kinds of creative sparks through my mind. In fact, it reminded me of the sparks I’ve received in the past.

This is my question to you. What sparks lead to a fire within you? It is a long walk listening to the sounds of nature that God created? Is it listening to a song that places a seed of joy in your heart? It is talking to loved one that needs a helping hand and you’re able to speak the words that they need to hear? What is it that sparks a fire in your heart and wants you to fulfill your purpose for being here? Please submit yourself to those moments. Let the sparks rise and cause a fire in you to go forward.

We each need each other. We all have different gifts. Each of those gifts work together to keep us all going. Each gift is like a piece of a puzzle that makes up the big picture. We need to find our piece and put it on the table.

Are you going to listen to this message or let the spark fizzle away?

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