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The Present

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The little boy held the freshly wrapped present in his arms. It was wrapped in a beautiful white box with a red bow. The instructions were clear and the little boy knew exactly what to do. He could open the present and have whatever was inside, but he had to do it before noon.

It was about eight in the morning when the boy sat down in front of the tall grandfather clock. The short hand sat on the eight and the long hand was on the twelve. The countdown began.

The little boy picked up the box and shook it. He heard a clinking sound and his eyes glistened and his lips turned into a smile. His mind began to wonder as to what all he could do with his present. Was it a toy? Was it a whistle? Maybe it was a little car? His eyes looked at the box and then at the clock. Maybe it’s a leash for a dog? He began to think about how great it would be to walk his dog around the neighborhood and how all the other boys and girls would want to be like him with his beautiful dog.

He played with the bow and slightly pulled on it but stopped when another gift suddenly came to mind. Maybe it’s a yo-yo. He put his hand way up in the air and then down as if playing with a yo-yo. His eye caught the clock. The small hand was closer to the nine and the long hand was as well. He had plenty of time so he went back to wandering.

He put the box on the floor and placed his head on the floor beside it. Maybe it was some toy soldiers. Maybe the toy soldiers have guns and can have battle. He closes all his fingers on his right hand except his thumb and pointing finger. He closes one eye and aims his imaginary gun. With a loud “pow” he awakes himself back to reality.

The bow on the box has glitter that falls from it with each shake from the boy. Maybe it’s a snow globe. Maybe there’s a snowman in the snow globe and when he shakes it, the snow begins to fall. The boy looks up at the clock. The long hand is on the six and the short hand is on the eleven. Time sure has passed quickly. He has just a few more minutes to dream about what’s in the box and he will open it before noon.

He picks up the box and shakes it again. This time the sound is different but he’s not sure what it sounds like. Maybe it’s a book with a story about a little boy. Maybe it’s a stuffed pet tiger that he can roar and pounce through the house. Maybe, just maybe.

The boy places the box on the floor and lies down beside it. His big eyes stare at it with dreams that could only be imagined. Dreams of what he could do with whatever is in the box. His eyelids get heavy and eventually close as he dreams what his gift could be. It’s five minutes after noon and the beautiful box with the red bow is still wrapped and the little boys dreams continue.


Will we open the gift God has given us to do with our lives, or will we dream about it and never act? When we awake, will the present now be the past?


Will you open your gift and share it with the world?



Copyright © 2012 – Chris W. Lawson


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