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Andy Griffith – A Story From Heaven


One of my favorite memories of the Andy Griffith show was the stories that Andy used to tell. He could bring excitement that was unimaginable. When Andy would start “Ohh, you should have seen the look on that little bird’s face” or some other exciting story, he would draw out the words so that they seemed to last forever. It was so enjoyable to hear his soothing voice.

With his passing, I began to think. What if Andy could come back and tell us what heaven looked like? I wonder how that story would go, how it would sound, and which words would he draw out that seemed to last forever? I would love to hear. In fact, let’s try this. I want you to stop and think about your favorite moment of Andy telling a story; how it captured your ears as you sat there like a little kid listening to every word. Remember his soothing voice and animated eyes. Take a moment and let his voice take over. When you’re ready, read below what he may have said…

“Boy, oh boy. I’m glad you took a chance to hear me today. I’ve been seeing things that would make your eyes ’bout pop out of their sockets. I was at home, sick, taking my final breaths and was real real sad that I was ’bout to leave this place that’s been my home. But just as i was feelin’ real sad, this strong angel show’d up. He had this pearly white housecoat lookin’ thing on and had one of the prettiest swords you have ever seen. He looked at me real straight and said “It’s time to go home”, and I said “I’m fine rightchere, this is my home”, and he looked at me again, with those big strong wings ready to go and said “No, your forever home”.

After he said that, he picked me up and we flew up into the clouds right into the purtiest sunset I’ve ever have seen. The clouds were like cotton candy and looked like big fluffy pillows floating all around us. We were going real fast. I didn’t feel sad at all. Next thing I know, we were at this biiiiiig gate. It had all kinds of beautiful rare stones like you’d see in those fancy jewelry stores, ‘cept these were much bigger. He set me down and we walked right in like we owned the place. I looked down and under my feet was the purtiest yellow gold I’ve ever have seen. It looked like a sidewalk that went in all kinds of directions. We started walkin’ and we came up on this city that was way bigger that Mt. Pilot.

The buildings were tall and looked like somethin’ out of a Hollywood movie. There were people everywhere, walkin’ round and happy as could be. The angel led me down that yellow sidewalk and through all of those beautiful buildings, and then we come up on a real tall tree. Oh, it was tall and green and had birds singin’ like you wouldn’t believe. There was the purtiest river beside that tree and there were fish bigger than I’ve ever caught when we went fishin’. I turned around and saw a big ‘ol chair and a man was walking from it up to me. He had brown hair and a beard and had a fancy outfit that looked like it was from one of those ‘ole movies when they rode chariots and fought each other. He come up to me and started talkin’. His voice was as smooth as a mountain creek but as powerful as one of those mountain lions. I knew who it was and I bowed my head in reverence to him. He was the King so I had to pay him his proper respects. He said “Welcome to the city, my good and faithful servant”. I tried to not to tear up but I just couldn’t help it. He put his arm around my shoulder and we went for a walk.

He told me all ’bout the city and what all he had done to prepare for me and all the others that would be comin’. When he talked it grabbed my entire attention and I loved every minute of it. He was the best storyteller I’ve ever heard. There were little boys and girls runnin’ round and laughing, there were people hugging’ and talkin’. It was the purtiest place I’ve ever seen. I thought throwin’ rocks and fishin’ was the best thing ever, but it didn’t compare to this. I could go on and on, but I’ve got to keep a little mystery to it. Because, one day you’ll get to see it yourself.

If you’d say “I’ve died and gone to heaven”, well, you’d pretty much got it right.


What was your favorite story that Andy told? Share it below…


Copyright © 2012 – Chris W. Lawson

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